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EDU 503 Classroom Culture: Managing the Classroom Environment (3 Credits)

3 credits

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Full course description

    A Place Where Students Want to Learn

    Attention spans have grown shorter and a whole world of distractions is as close as a student’s phone. How do you cut through all of the distractions and create a learning environment that engages every student in every class? In this self-paced, instructor-led course, you’ll explore effective strategies to create positive classroom culture, foster engaging learning environments, and implement proactive behavior management. Turn your classroom into an incubator for ideas, where students feel inspired and come to class motivated to learn.

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    Ideal for:

    • P-12 educators who want to create and maintain a well-managed classroom environment that promotes student engagement.

    Learn how to:

    • Create a well-managed learning environment that promotes engagement during the learning process
    • Better assess the relationship between classroom management and learner motivation
    • Explore ways to create a motivational culture
    • Showcase management strategies to apply to personal teaching context

    Tangible takeaways:

    • Get weekly meaningful and practical activities showcasing critical concepts in action shared through Teaching Channel videos that you can apply to your own teaching practice. 
    • Graduate-level credits for your license renewal* that may also be transferable to other institutions.**

    Meet your EDU503 Instructor: Dr. Kathleen Pierce-Friedman

    *Check your state’s specific requirements for license renewal. **Dependent upon the transfer credit policy of the receiving institution. Certain degree programs may not be available in all states.